Benefits of Living in a Gated Community

I read an interesting article the other day about living in gated communities. I have known several of the reasons people enjoy living in a gated community, but I was very interested in learning of a few more benefits. I thought others might be interested as well, so I’m sharing – enjoy!

When MCO Properties develops a new gated community, such as Eagles Nest, one of the areas that must be completed prior to any sale occurring includes the development of a set of design guidelines. Design guidelines help give a gated community a set of rules in which each property owner must follow when designing and building their custom home within the community. This allows all property owners’ knowledge of what can and can not be built in that gated community.

Fountain Hills Gated CommunityIn addition, in the MCO Properties gated communities, the staff at MCO develop a building envelop for each home site in each gated community. The building envelop is the designated location on each home site in which a property owners can build their custom home. Building envelops are a great way to help preserve view corridors from each lot. The property owner not only sees where they can build their custom home, but they also have the benefit of seeing where their neighbors will be allowed to build their custom home.

Here are more benefits that are new to me, about the advantages of living in a gated community: no through traffic; safer play area for children; and less pollution. No through traffic not only means less traffic on your street, but it also means less noise pollution too. In addition, the article also pointed out what it means for families with young children; playing in an area with less traffic equates to less worry for the parents of the kids who play outdoors.

I’m sure there are more benefits of living in a gated community. Share your thoughts in the comment area below: